rotwood_reaper: (shinigami)
2011-01-15 08:54 am

Friday, May 13. 2:23 AM.

The arrival of a captain-level reiatsu in the strange bar she's found on the other side of the senkaimon reminds Rukia that she's wasting time — her own time and the Soul Society's. Making her excuses to the living boy, she dashes for the door...

...and passes through the gate, which opens where it should, thirty feet above the night streets of Karakura town... but to a shinigami, gravity is more of a guideline than a law. As such, it takes Rukia only a moment to find her footing on the air. The jigokucho hell-butterfly wings its way past.

"Strange... I sense an enormous spiritual pressure here..."

Setting it aside for the moment, she decides to concentrate on her duty as a shinigami, a balancer of the countless good and evil souls that fill the World of the Living. To send the souls of the departed on to the Soul Society... one way or the other.

Her focus restored, she jumps forward into the night.

And thus fell the blade of fate.